Enzo Pontoni took over the family vineyards after his father passed away. Enzo worked as an engineer for nearly two decades but eventually had to return to his home and his true passion. Neary legendary for his reclusive nature, Enzo owns a mere 4 hectares of vineyards and rents another 9, all of which are farmed organically and from which he produces less than 1000 cases a year. His focus is entirely on the land, his cellars are almost shockingly humble, which he calmly admits are falling apart. The result is a tiny line of decadent, full-bodied, complex wines that are near impossible to obtain, one of which is Friuli's greatest example of Sauvignon Blanc that in good vintages has to be considered one of the greatest examples of the wine in the world.


We consider ourselves very fortunate to be one of the few retailers to have access to Enzo's fantastic wines. Sadly due to the extremely low quantities available there is never as much available as we would like. If you are looking for a specific wine from Miani, please let us know.

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