The groundwork for the winery was laid in the early 1800s by Pierre Remoissenet, a respected cooper, taster and broker in the town of Beaune. For years Remoissenet built its reputation on older reserves and negociant wines.

Since being purchased in 2005 by a group of investors led by the Milstein brothers of New York and Todd Halpern of Toronto, the estate has experienced a renaissance, with the focus of returning Remoissenet to the list of elite producers of the Cote d’Or.

The group’s first move was to place the winery in the hands of Bernard Repolt, a veteran of Maison Louis Jadot. Bernard’s first mission was to clean up what he had in the library collection and determine which wines should stay and which wines should go. After working his way through the great, good and somewhat dreadful in the library collection, Bernard began a complete overhaul of the winery and business operations.

1) He discontinued working with all but one grape supplier and with his very strong connections in the region he signed long term contracts with 31 new growers. The farming regimes have been updated and yields have been lowered.

2) Winemaking has been handed to Claudie Jobard, who signed on prior to the 2005 harvest. Claudie is the daughter of Laurence Jobard who was the winemaker at Maison Joseph Drouhin for 30 years. Since joining the winery Claudie has worked diligently in the vineyards and cellar to create wines that are the equal of the world’s finest.

3) All new winemaking equipment has been added to the arsenal to insure total control over the winemaking process; a stemmer-crusher, a sorting table, new fermentation vats and all new aging barrels are in place at the winemaking facility a few blocks from the city walls of Beaune and the winery cellars.

Remoissenet owns 2.5 hectares of vineyards in the Cote de Beaune including the following 1er Crus: Beaune Marconets, Beaune Greves, Beaune Toussaints and Beaune Bressandes. The winery is currently active in seeking out new parcels to add to their holdings.

With all of the changes at Remoissenet the winery should be viewed as a totally new winery with a glorious cellar of historic wines from the Cote d’Or.

Everything is in place to produce the finest wines possible from the region. Reputations are not built or re-built overnight. Everyone at Remoissenet is keenly aware that they must do their very best year after year to earn the respect of the wine world and most importantly the wine consumer. Blessed with the excellent vintages of 2005 and 2006, everything is off to a good start.

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